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About Invention Capital LLP

Invention Capital LLP, a business in the creation and commercialisation of patentable inventions. Invention Capital LLP also invests in early stage technology companies that are within its portfolio.

Our IP analytics team also provides (a) technology competitive intelligence / patent landscaping / patent mapping services, (b) patent infringement search and analysis, (c) patent invalidation search and analysis, (d) cyber forensics, (e) Patent valuation / IP valuation, (f) IP diagnostics / SCOPE-IP* services, (g) patent commercialisation and (h) WSQ IP & e-learning training workshops.

*SCOPE-IP: Strategy for Creation, Ownership, Protection and Exploitation of IP

Our Vision

Be the global leader in invention based businesses.

Our Mission

To create, invest and commercialise patentable inventions and businesses.

Our Core Values

  1. Integrity: Individual contributions are duly and formally respected, recognised and rewarded.
  2. Teamwork: Teamwork enables network effect on creativity and results.
  3. Passion: Our drive for achievements and progress is fueled by our passion for results.
  4. Innovation: Through innovation, we strive to create novel inventions and business models.
  5. Shared Purpose: The causes of our shared purpose are reflected in our Vision and Mission.


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